Monday, December 13, 2010

Folgers Coffee Plant

In the early 1900's Folgers Coffee Co experienced great growth, which is credited to salesman Frank P. Atha.  In 1908 Atha suggested building a coffee roasting plant in Kansas City and the plant has been in operation since.  This plant in downtown KCMO fills the area with a wonderful aroma whenever coffee is being roasted.  Last spring the J. M. Smuckers Co announced the plant will close in the summer of 2012.  Hopefully this will not happen.  Join the Save Folgers Coffee facebook page


Randy said...

Coffee lovers must worship here. Nice find.

Jack said...

Mmmmm. Just thinking about the smell. If the location does close as Folgers, let's hope something good replaces it, like perhaps another coffee business.

Greenhorn said...

Happy New Year! Hope to see many more of your great photos in 2011.