Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sporting Kansas City

I was out at the Village West (what I refer to as the Kansas Speedway) today.  The area around the Speedway has grown by leaps and bounds since it's 2001 inaugural season.  Nebraska Furniture Mart and Cabela's where the first to move into the area.  Then Legends Outlet Mall and many, many restaurants and businesses.  I read recently about a Casino and Soccer Club joining the mix.  While in the area today I found the Sporting Kansas City Soccer Club under construction.  If you look close enough to the background on the right of the green, you can obtain a glimpse of the Speedway.  I have made several unsuccessful attempts to capture a good picture of the Speedway but let me leave you with their website.  The skies were very gray today.

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Randy said...

Can't miss that Green wall.