Monday, December 27, 2010

Gray Days

While talking to my brother in Albuquerque this weekend, he mentioned that the sun was shinning.  I told him we have gray skies in Kansas City almost all winter.  I don't think he understood what I meant by gray skies.  This picture is for my brother - no clouds, no sun, just gray.  I miss New Mexico's blue skies.


greensboro Daily Photo said...

A common view this time of year. Like Annie sings, "The sun'll come out tomorrow...."

Here's to another great year for the city daily photo community!

Jan and Dave
Greensboro, NC

Jack said...

I understand what you are saying. For six years I worked in Columbus, Ohio, where the skies are clouded from November through March. Even when it is nasty in Connecticut, at least the skies clear affter a little while.

boromax said...

Great pic, Regina. Hang in there, the gray days will be over before ya know it!!

Randy said...

Yes the blue skies here are wonderful but I just want a little snow. Lovely photo.