Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old made Modern


Randy said...

Beautiful windows but I will bet it was a beauty before the remodel.

boromax said...

Those are colorful windows. What an effect - almost like this is an altered photo (I know it is not!!) - it's just like the windows in the light brick and the light brick against the red-painted brick is like a montage or pastiche impression.

My SF Giants fan eyes were led to the Orange and Black fire hydrant!

Regina K said...

Boromax, I have fun playing with iPhoto and change the shadows and highlighting. I thought this came out a little postcardish. Years ago with film first of all I couldn't take as many photo's and you couldn't zoom, crop and straighten.

Well for you Go Giants! I am hoping the KC Chiefs will continuing giving us something to cheer about for a change.

Have a good weekend.

boromax said...

Postcardish. Good, descriptive term. Well, toying a bit with contrast and brightness to sharpen edges is not quite in the same category as superimposing or pasting several images together. But bless you for "coming clean" :)

And, btw, in case anyone who reads this is wondering - I am NOT claiming to be a photo-purist!! Art is art, and honestly my interpretation of art is pretty liberal.

Giants won last night. Game 2 tonight. wooHOO!

Deanna said...

love this shot and the colors are fantastic!

Deb T said...

I am enjoying your photos so much. Found the link over on Tony's KC site (the bus hub), but stayed to look at the rest. You've got a great eye.