Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall is here

It was a cloudy fall day on Sunday this week.  Kansas City has beautiful fall and spring colors.  Lots of reds and oranges in the fall.  The burning bushes are started to obtain their red leaves.  You can just barely see them behind the second tree on the right.  That tall pole in the center of the photo is a tornado siren.  


Luz said...

Que bellos colores es un día armonico y bello bonita foto.

Jack said...

Interesting how red the reds and how green the greens. This area will be spectacular in 15 years when the trees grow up.

Randy said...

The trees are amazing. But the tornado siren is scary.

Barb McMahon and Alan Mailloux said...

At first glance this looks like a painting with all those vibrant colours!

Hope the tornado siren is never needed!