Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Renoir Sculpture

Renoir is my favorite Impressionist.


Sharon said...


KC Photog Blog said...

Funny you should put this up.

I'm over at the Nelson frequently and tour and walk all over that place. But a couple months ago I was walking out of the Bloch Gallery and came across this statue and garden.

I was stunned.

Stunned for two reasons.

For one, I found that the Nelson had a Renoir sculpture. I thought that nearly unbelievable.

And two, I found I didn't KNOW they had a Renoir sculpture. I nearly couldn't believe I wasn't aware of it.

I'll bet most people in the area don't know we have one.

Jack said...

I am one of those who didn't know that Renoir did sculptures. I can see his style in this one, though.

Regina K said...

Kevin, I was surprised myself.

Leif Hagen said...

Such a lovely Renoir sculpture! I wish we had more sculptures in my city!
BTW, what R U knitting these days?

Randy said...

I love his sculptures.