Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Morning Bond Bridge

I drive over this bridge every morning on my way to work.  This bridge opened about a year ago.  The old Paseo Bridge was being torn down and until just recently there were piece of the old bridge and cranes that would show in photos.  This is a suspension bridge and the lights shine up from the bottom of the cables.  When it snows in the winter, the snowflakes swirl in the lights.  It is quite stunning.  I would love to take a photo of the snow in the lights but no place to stop.  I find some of the best photos are from the highway, but I never can find a good place to stop.  Does anyone else run into this same problem?


Sharon said...

This is a beautiful night time shot. Very well done.
Yes, I do have the same problem. There are so many wonderful view that are only available from a high spot in the freeway. Obviously, I can't stop there to take a photo. To bad, I could get the best downtown skyline shot from there.

Halcyon said...

Wow! THis bridge is really pretty. I find the solution to shooting things on the road is to make my husband drive! :)

Randy said...

That looks great in the night time. I can only imagine when it snows. No big highways here but sometimes it's hard to duck into a parking lot to capture somethings during rush hours.